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English or other language speaker?

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Opening Hours


Via Beato Pellegrino, 28 - 35137 Padova
35139 Padua (Italy)
Phone 0498271717 (information desk)
Fax 049827
(see the map


Monday- Thursday 8.30-18.00
Friday 8.30-14.00

Museo di Scienze dell’Educazione

via degli Obizzi, 23
35139 Padova
Phone 0498274786
(see the map

Open by appointment only

We advise you to check our web page about vacation dates and opening hours.



Admission to the Library is free. Most books and journals are kept on open shelves which means that you can go and collect the items you would like to see. Seats in the reading room are reserved for those who consult and study the books of the library.

Borrowing Policies
The Library lends different numbers of books to different categories of users :

Professors, researchers, PHD, CEL, University Staff of University of Padua

Up to 20 books for 30 days


Students of University of Padua, Erasmus Students,

Up to 10 books for 30 days

External Users (with card)

Up to 5 books for 30 days


External users need to subscribe to the loan for a fee: 1euro

You can renew your books before they are due
There are several options for renewal to choose from :

1. on line ( > La mia tessera della biblioteca/My Library Card> User name : ID Code Password: Codice Fiscale)
2. at the information desk

3. by telephone (0498271717)
You cannot renew an item if :
1. another library user has placed an hold on it.
2. your user account is blocked for any reason, in this case please contact the library

Loan Reservation
f the book you need is on loan, you can place an hold (on line, at the information desk or by phone) and when it next becomes available you will be notified with an email and it will be kept at the information desk for 3 days. You can only reserve books on loan and books that are stored in Deposito di Legnaro.

There are 2 self-service photocopiers in the library.
To use the photocopiers, you will first need to register for a My Print account. This account will provide access to printing, photocopying and scanning.

Computer facilities
There are 5 PCs in the library. Two of them are freely accessible but connected only to the OPAC, the others are available for the use of the university electronic resources and internet. They are accessible using the login and password of your email account ( …..@unipd or …

Interlibrary Loan
The Interlibrary Loan service (ILL) is one way to obtain books which are not held by University of Padua Libraries. This service is provided by Ufficio Centrale per il prestito Interbibliotecario (UCPI) . You will find more information about this service at


Document Delivery
If a publication you are looking for is not available in the library or in our e-journal and e-book collections, the Document Delivery Service may be able to obtain it for you.
You will find more information about this service at